*except different dispositions from ASL

25th JANUARY 2018- for the period of JULY- DECEMBER 2018


We would like to inform our patients that it will not be possible to make reservations in person at our office on the dates indicated, but only

- - by telephone - by calling us on 3465002399

- by contacting the CUP on the free number 800345477

- by going to a ASL Bari reservations branch

- by going to the pharmacy nearest to your home (located in the Province of Bari)


As per the regulations in force, in order to make a reservation, you must already be in possession of a prescription supplied by your treating physician (not used for other services at other facilities), on which all 3 of the tests (bilateral mammography, bilateral breast ultrasound, clinical breast examination) must appear together in a single request. 

*subject to different provisions by the ASL


Among Prevenzione e Diagnostica per Immagini's specialisations, senology – the branch of medicine that studies breast-related diseases – is an area of excellence in Bari. Over 8,000 breast examinations are performed each year. At any time between checks, the patient can contact the department for advice and clarifications. At the facility, you can request:

  • breast examinations;
  • digital mammography (low-dose);
  • breast ultrasound scans.

Breast Cancer: The Importance of Early Diagnosis

Over 300,000 women each year discover they are suffering from breast cancer. Today, early diagnosis of the tumour makes it possible to have a full recovery. I.e. timely and accurate diagnoses made through specific examinations. In this regard, Prevenzione e Diagnostica per Immagini provides truly essential support. In particular, for mammography – breast radiology assessment and fundamental method for diagnosing disease even in the pre-clinical phase – low X-ray doses are used. For the breast evaluation, this may be combined with an ultrasound scan to support the radiography examination. In this regard, it is essential to store the images in order to make important comparisons in subsequent checks. The age for having the first breast examination when no symptoms are present and as a precaution, ranges from 35 to 40 years.

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