The Prevenzione e Diagnostica per Immagini centre in Bari specialises in the field of dental, maxillofacial and ENT radiology. The services we provide include:

  • digital panoramic radiography (children, adults, individual areas);
  • digital telecranium (with potential cephalometric tracings) ONE-SHOT: the first system in Italy*! One-shot technology provides an X-ray exposure time which is significantly less than 1 second with an extremely high-definition image;
  • TC Cone Beam. This technology makes it possible to perform a CT scan with a significantly lower dose of radiation than Dentalscan. 2 cone beam CT scanners are available in the facility. The first is dedicated to facial observations. The second makes it possible to perform a CT scan of an individual arch, both arches, or an individual area, giving the patient lower radiation doses, with extremely high-definition imaging. It also makes it possible to assess the volume of airways in patients with OSAS.

*Planmeca ProMax 3D Device with One Shot arm

Excellent Diagnostic Services

Our medical and paramedical staff are skilled and experienced in the field of dental, maxillofacial and ENT radiology. At our facility, over 8,000 Cone Beam CT scans have already been performed:
  • Cone Beam CT of dental arches (for implants, for embedded teeth, for osteolytic/clotting lesions, for osteonecrosis)
  • Cone Beam CT for temporomandibular joint syndrome;
  • Cone Beam CT of the face (for orthodontic / pre-surgical assessments);
  • Cone Beam CT for sinuses;
  • Tracing on Cone Beam CT for OSAS;
  • Digital wrist X-ray for bone age.

Dr. Valeria Viterbo has spoken on the subject at national and international courses and conventions.

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