Prevenzione e Diagnostica per Immagini is a centre specialising in general digital radiology based in Bari, close to the city centre. Under agreement with the national healthcare service, the clinic has cutting-edge equipment providing specialised diagnostic services. At Prevenzione e Diagnostica per Immagini, you can request:

  • Check X-ray;
  • Skeletal segments X-ray;
  • Whole spine X-ray (for the assessment of scoliosis);
  • Direct abdomen X-ray for the assessment of the intestinal transit.

Diagnostica Per Immagini: The New Frontiers Of Prevention

All our radiology examinations are carried out using highly-advanced digital technology, making it possible to accurately, quickly and reliably diagnose some of the most common diseases, and facilitating the immediate adoption of targeted treatment paths. Diagnostica per immagini, in particular, plays a key role in the early detection of many cancers: from breast, prostate and lung cancer to HCC. Cutting-edge diagnostic technology, combined with a deep-seated culture of prevention, can significantly improve the patient's quality of life, as well as significantly reduce the mortality rate. To make an appointment for general digital radiology services, just call +39 080 5210981, and – if under agreement with the national healthcare service – present the request from your treating physician. Prevenzione e Diagnostica per Immagini is located in via Principe Amedeo 40 - Murat district.

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